Fanatix Four is a collective of those who are passionate about video games, anime, comics, and the cultures that surround and embrace them. We offer sharp opinion and thoughtful editorials on video games and the companies that develop and publish them.


Fanatix Four aims to provide you with content that’s comprehensive and reliable. In order to do that prior to the public release of games, we often have to agree to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and embargoes with the creators of the products we cover. This allows us to be more prepared for upcoming announcements and releases. While we try to negotiate the duration and timing of these agreements, we never alter our opinion of a product just to negotiate for an earlier embargo or exclusive.
The details, scores & opinions of review production, including who we at Fanatix Four to review a game, the timing of the review, as well as the scope of its production and promotion, are handled entirely by our editorial team. Consideration is not made for advertising, exclusive access, or the future goodwill of the publishers whose projects we cover.
Most reviews are conducted using publisher-, studio-, or developer-provided review copies. This is necessary to provide reviews ahead of release. In the case of review events, if travel or accommodation are provided, we disclose this at the time of the review and do not effect details, scores or opinions provided by staff.

Staff may accept complimentary accounts and in-game funds that are necessary for testing game features. For example, allow developers to waive or offer comp subscription fees and to provide our staff with in-game currency to purchase content relevant to our coverage.

We choose reviewers based on numerous factors, including personal interest in that specific game or franchise and knowledge of similar works in that genre. Bonuses are not given if a review gets more traffic. Reviewers have no incentive to alter reviews or scores to be intentionally contrarian.