Mario Party Has been a series that Nintendo, as well as their fans, have LOVED for nearly 2 decades and throughout this time the Mario Party series has seen several changes, some good and some bad. Super Mario Party Switch is looking to be the ULTIMATE Party to bring back the fans who may have swayed over the years as what made the Mario Party games so special has returned once again! Super Mario Party is taking both loved as well as not so loved concepts from previous games BUT giving them a whole new spin adding new modes and original ideas, Yesterday at Nintendo Gamescom Nintendo Revealed Super Mario Party’s River Survival Mode which is a 4 player cooperative effort which sees players controlling a raft, could Super Mario Party add NEW MODES that we have yet to hear about? Could Super Mario Party be THE ULTIMATE PARTY that puts a smile on everybody’s face? What else could we see NEXT From Super Mario Party In terms of modes before the game’s release? Nintendo Gamescom & that River Survival Raft Mode has shown we have a LOT to be excited about what More could Super Mario Party have in store for us? Logan details today!