As seen in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Luigi’s Mansion & Castlevania inspired Simon Belmont + Richter Belmont reveal trailer, as well as the prior Super Smash Bros Ultimate, reveal trailer, as well as past examples – Nintendo, Sakurai & company, don’t have the BEST history of treating Super Mario icon, Luigi, fairly. He’s almost always been player 2 to Mario’s player 1. Sure, he got the Year of Luigi that one time with Nintendo Directs dedicated to Wii U & 3DS games like Super Luigi Bros U, Dr. Luigi, Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Remake, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Luigi Bros, Mario & Luigi Dream Team & other tributes, BUT, AJ doesn’t think the level of respect being paid to Luigi is enough on a day to day basis. Mario isn’t the only Super Mario Bro that deserves our love. Luigi does too. A Luigi Direct for Nintendo Switch games is a good place to start Here’s why. P.S – NO we DON’T mean Waluigi. There’s more to life, guys. Luigi was the original.