The latest issue of V-Jump Magazine offers more information on the upcoming Bandai-Namco game Digimon Survive including new characters Aoi Shibuya & Minoru Hyuga as well as general direction and the importance of choice.

Aoi Shibuya

– Gentle and honest upperclassmen
– Manages the cooking and admirably handles the security of the base
– Labramon is her partner
– Articulate personality

Minoru Hyuga

– Classmates with the protagonist Takumi
– He’s the talkative optimist of the group
– While he opens up to just about anybody, he really hates getting into arguments
– Falcomon is his partner
– Stable but can take wild actions


– Story will be told in a visual novel style
– Choose things such as who to meet and how to act within a limited amount of time
– There are various outcomes depending on the choices you make which can even lead to the death of your friends
– Several characters can possibly be killed off this way