The popular RPG from Square-Enix continues to make headlines in Japan over lack of product availability. The company has issued another statement, again via Twitter, apologizing for the low yield of this weeks restock in their home country. Afterward, national retailer Yodobashi Camera explained they had received a restock for Octopath Traveler but that the store sold out of their stock replenishment in 3 hours across all locations! This puts the game as the No. 2 bestselling product in the video game category currently at the retailer. Neither Square-Enix or Yodobashi Camera have given a number of copies shipped this week, the game sold over 110,000 physical copies last week creating wide-spread shortages across the country and forcing the publisher to recommend downloading a digital version from Nintendo’s eShop.

Logan and I picked up our copies of the game last week, have you had any issues finding the game? Tell us what you think down below.