Nintendo recently closed entry to the most recent round of its Nintendo Labo Creators Contest. The Contest offered up some amazing prizes for players who could come up with best Labo inspired creations using the Toy-Con Garage and boy did users step up to the challenge. Nintendo has shared some of the creations that took the top spots in North America and all I have to say is “Amazing”!

One winner used a couple of tissue boxes and right the Joy-Con’s IR camera to create a “solar-powered accordion”. The camera is used to determine which holes have been covered which allows the Switch to register which notes to be played. It’s pretty amazing. It even offers control for volume based on the angle the device is tilted at. Other winners included a Legend of Zelda inspired piano, a multiplayer teacup game, and an RC dinosaur.

You can check out more winners here, at the Nintendo Labo website.