Accessory maker Bionik Gaming has announced three new accessories for the Nintendo Switch that look pretty interesting. The first is a charging stand called the Power Stand. I’ve seen a few more traditional charging stands similar to their Tetra Power that charges just Joy-Con or just the Pro Controller. The Power Stand, on the other hand, is the first charger I’ve seen that facilitates charging both a set of Joy-Con and a Pro Controller.

They also announced a set of accessories for on the go. The first is a rather simple Clamshell-style carrying case with a built-in 5,000 mAh battery and a flip-up screen protector/stand. They also announced a new waterproof Commuter Bag that provides extra storage space for 8 cartridges slots for $34.99 with an upgraded version that includes a built-in 8,000 mAh battery for only $69.99.

The last accessory is something I’ve been looking around for someone to make for a long time. I’ve never been a huge fan of the dock for the Nintendo Switch and have longed for some kind of cable I could just plug into the TV eliminating the Dock altogether, which is exactly what the people at Bionik have done. The “TV Lynx” plugs into the Nintendo Switch via its USB-C port. From there simply plug in the TV’s HDMI port and the provided Power Adapter and your done. With the ongoing reports of users having devices “bricked” from 3rd Party Docks, I’ve reached out to Bionik for more information on the TV Lynx and will update the page with more information as it becomes available.

You can check out other Bionik accessories such as their version of the Joy-Con Charging Grip and Ethernet adapter on their website.