Level-5 released further details and screenshots for Inazuma Eleven Ares including information on gameplay and the toy link system.


RPG Parts

Talk to your manager and let them introduce you to the players you want to scout.

If you meet the required conditions, the player will join your team.

Soccer Match Parts


One of the game’s greatest features is the ability to see the pass line. Whether you are a child or an adult, Inazuma Eleven Ares offers deep strategy with intuitive controls.

Step One: Choose the pass course.

The pass line will show who the player who has the ball can pass to. Choose which player to pass the ball to depending on the situation. The amber line is the actual pass course.

Step Two: Make sure of the timing of the pass.

Sound out the distance of the opposing players and timing before making the pass. When you pass the ball, control will shift to the player receiving the pass.

Command Battles

By running into a player who possesses the ball, a command battle will ensue. Quick decision making is the key to victory.

Step One: Run into the player who possesses the ball.

The opponent makes contact with a teammate who possesses the ball. Or you make contact with an enemy who possesses the ball.

Step Two: Choose your command.

Choose your player’s action depending on the situation. You can even choose a special move.

A one-versus-one battle. Will the commands you choose bring you luck? Or a bad outcome?


Steal the ball from the opponent by pressing against them.

The team member’s ability will determine whether you can snatch the ball away. Ascertain the player you are going to steal the ball from. If your total power is great, you can recover the ball from the opponent.


Head for the goal post and shoot. See through the goalie and aim for the goal.

Determine your shot type and course ahead of the goal post. There are various conditions that determine your goal, such as situation, timing, and player ability. Will you be able to score?

Special Moves

There are various super dimensional techniques that can turn the tide of the match. These moves have four types: “Shoot,” “Offense,” “Defense,” and “Keeper.” Determine the timing and characteristics of the technique, then use the move to turn the tide in your favor.

Shoot: Spectral Magna

Shoot: Spectral Magna

Offense: Ice Arrow

Offense: Ice Arrow

Defense: Rensa the Wall

Defense: Rensa the Wall

Keeper: Royal Shield

Keeper: Royal Shield

Toy Link

Inazuma Eleven Ares is compatible with the Eleven Band and Eleven License toys.

Eleven Band

  • Send Training Power once a day. Get Experience Points or Nekketsu Points depending on the team member.
  • If you transfer SP Training Power obtained by password, you can get convenient items for use in the game.

Eleven License

  • Experience Points or Nekketsu Points, which will you get? Link up to three licenses per day.
  • ???

*Nekketsu Points are the points required to obtain secret books for learning techniques, items, and equipment. Nekketsu Points are required for special training and practice matches.

And that is not all! There is more to come regarding linking in a future update;