Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has been hitting the media with a blitz of information recently. In his most recent talks with Game Informer, he speaks out about the future for Nintendo’s popular toy-to-life accessories, amiibo.

Nintendo was famously “all-in” on the toy-to-life series and according to Reggie, that hasn’t changed…

We continue to be all in. Amiibo within the toys-to-life category has always been different. It’s been a message you can use your Amiibo across a range of different content and experiences. When you do use it, it really does add some significant value. To be honest, I traveled to E3 with eight of my Zelda Amiibo so I could continue to get those items as I put more and more hours into [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.]

We use Amiibo to add value to the experience, versus being a unique game or single idea. It really is leveraging these figures across a range of different experiences.

The company has already started rolling out information on new amiibo for new and returning characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ice Climbers, Pichu, Ridley, and Inkling Girl have all been officially announced to be released for the newest game in the Smash Bros. series.
Furthermore, the Japanese Nintendo website has explained that previous returning players such as Young Link, Snake & Wolf will also receive their own amiibo figure

The amiibo hype train began built up steam in 2014 amid the release of the last Smash Bros. game for the Wii U & 3DS. Starting with only eleven popular fighters, fans saw more waves released until eventually, the entire roster was available. Some characters were notoriously harder to obtain than others and the company had a hard time restocking to meet demand.

Nintendo has shared that Japanese players will see former Smash Bros. amiibo reissued as “reprints” December 7th with the second wave in mid-January 2019. See the full list for reprints down below.
December 7, 2018

– Mario
– Peach
– Yoshi
– Donkey Kong
– Samus
– Wii Fit Trainer
– Pikachu
– Marth
– Little Mac
– Lucario
– Captain Falcon
– Rosalina and Luma
– Bowser
– Bowser Jr
– Ike
– Wario
– Falco
– Olimar and Pikmin
– Mii Fighter
– Mii Swordsman
– Mii Gunner
– Charizard
– Greninja
– Jigglypuff
– Meta Knight
– Robin
– Shulk
– Duck Hunt
– Sonic
– Mega Man
– Pac-Man
– Mewtwo
– Lucas
– Roy
– Ryu
– Link
– Zelda
– Toon Link
– Sheik
– Ganondorf
– Lucina
– Cloud Player 1
– Bayonetta Player 1
– Cloud Player 2
– Bayonetta Player 2

Mid-January 2019

– Fox
– Villager
– Kirby
– Luigi
– Diddy Kong
– Pit
– King Dedede
– Ness
– Zero Suit Samus
– Palutena
– Dark Pit
– Dr. Mario
– Robot (R.O.B.)
– Mr. Game & Watch
– Corrin Player 1
– Corrin Player 2