Bethesda Games Studio had a packed E3 presentation this year between announcing Doom 2 & Fallout 76, showing gameplay of Rage 2, and DLC and spinoffs for Prey & Wolfenstein. The company was shy to commit to anything coming to the Nintendo Switch other than some “free-to-play” mobile games that would make their way over. During a recent interview in Barcelona, Todd Howard took some time talk a little bit on how he felt about the new hybrid system.

I love it. When Nintendo came to us we were one of the first people that they showed the Switch to. So I got to play it very, very early and immediately felt that this is unique, it’s not just a handheld, it’s also a console and it’s very uniquely Nintendo.
When it came out, we were there very early as developers…we got lucky how popular the platform was, but we felt strongly it was going to be popular. I love Zelda, the Switch became the ‘Zelda device’ when it came out, and Mario’s great on it and a lot of other games as well.

When asked specifically if Bethesda would continue to support the system, Howard was quick to respond:

Well, there’s definitely interest, [but] not something that we are exploring right now. We think that the Switch is a great platform. It was the first time we really worked closely with Nintendo on Skyrim – really, really great experience and we’ll certainly be doing things with the platform in the future, but right now it’s not a mainline Fallout 4.