So this is one those things that AJ and I disagree on. We’re not fighting, we’re just… passionate… and we come from different backgrounds. Different points of view.
I’ll pick up Tennis Aces sooner or later once it comes down a little in price, but I really think Nintendo missed a lot of easy money with not releasing Super Strikers this summer during World Cup. They could have even done an international theme with regionally themed fields to tie in even further.

I love the Mario Strikers franchise but it’s obviously Nintendo’s least accurate sports games. Yes, Tennis Aces has things like special and trick shots but the gameplay and match structure are more closely modeled after the base sport. This is something I feel like Nintendo needs to do. I’m not saying we make FIFA 19 with Mario characters but let’s get rid of the super sci-fi arm guards and super tiny cage-like fields and let’s open it up a bit. Let me have a full team of 11 characters. Let me place them in whatever position I want. I don’t want Mario and a bunch of Toad for a team. The Mario franchise has enough characters in it, you could easily fill the game to the brim with options.

Have the characters work on a stat system like Mario & Sonic & The Olympic Games. Have different tiers where All-Stars like Mario, Bowser & DK have more total points than smaller characters like Toad & Yoshi. Thwomps and Birdo could have even less.

Talking about stats, what about single-player? Instead of playing as the ubiquitous “Mario” maybe make the single player follow a different character and give you the option to build him up into the player you want him to be. I think having it be your Switch profile’s Mii would be the best option. As you continue to play through you can add stat points to make him an “All-Star” while picking up more characters for your team. Once you’re done, you can jump online and start playing others or bring your Switch to a friends house for some local multiplayer.