Media news website, The Verge has published a few comments from Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi. One of the comments is on the Nintendo 3DS and its current role in the companies plan for the future. While many of us here on staff (AJ & I) have been calling for the ax for the much-beloved system, It sounds like it’s lower price point and easy accessibility may have it stick around for bit longer.

“As a platform that is now in its eighth year since launch, I think it has found a very interesting role for us. Which is that it’s accessible to a lower age demographic, and we’re able to focus a lot of software that’s really appealing to that audience on the Nintendo 3DS platform, which means that we can also look for software teams that are very well-suited to creating games of that type.”

Takahashi also briefly spoke about the merging of development teams and how it allows the company to stay more flexible with assigning work.

“We think very carefully about how we can assign people to projects in development. What number we can assign, what we can have them working on. And that’s something that we always think about very closely in regards to how we ensure we have a steady release of high-quality titles.”

You can read more from Takahashi at The Verge.