Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Switch had been spoken about for a very long time but just until recently, it was uncertain when and if we’d see anything in relation to the game. Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on Fire Emblem for switch during their Nintendo Direct E3 last week and Fire Emblem Three Houses was premiered to the world for the very first time. Fire Emblem three houses marks many firsts for the Series as a whole with boasting a New Combat system, and New free roam capabilities Fire Emblem Three Houses may, in fact, mark the Paradigm shift for the series, setting a mark that further games in the series must both adhere to and follow but will Fire Emblem Three Houses be the Fire Emblem game that will change everything? What does Fire Emblem Three Houses have going for itself? What things must Nintendo Make sure remain inside this game in order to keep the core the same for Fire Emblem fans of old? How Exactly Will Fire Emblem Three Houses break into a new market of consumers?