We at Fanatix Four know all too well how people picky Nintendo fans can be about individual franchises after making videos about possible Nintendo Switch games, so we can only imagine how hard it is for Masahiro Sakurai to try to make one of the most highly anticipated games one of the best not only for Switch itself but, for the entire Super Smash Bros. series. The star of Nintendo E3 2018 & the ULTIMATE Smash Brothers, if you will. Since the days of Super Smash Bros 64 Sakurai, Sora Ltd, HAL & more recently Bandai Namco have been working to make each game better than the last but NEVER have they claimed to be making the ULTIMATE Smash. Super Smash Bros Melee fans would have their head for sure. But now, we know that they have that goal in sight. Some thought we’d get Smash 4 Switch, some thought we’d get Smash 5. But, we’re not sure anyone expected Smash Ultimate. AJ explains why he is positive Sakurai will accomplish his goal with the upcoming Smash Bros Switch with another E3 2018 video.