Nintendo Switch eShop Still Needs Work. Let’s Fix it! Since the days of the Wii Shop Channel, not only have they infamously struggled to nail a great Online Service, Nintendo has struggled to get online stores completely right. We’ve since ever-evolving solutions from Microsoft by way of Xbox Marketplace, Sony with PlayStation Store, or Valve with Steam. Nintendo has since evolved with the Nintendo Switch eShop, but, NOT ENOUGH! The Switch eShop recently got an update that made curation slightly better, navigating a little easier, but they’re still a long shot from reaching the heights of companies like Apple w/ iOS’s App Store or Google w/ Android UX & UI. We plan to give some helpful ideas to fix that with some visual concepts and ideas to help make it easier to get to the best Nintendo Switch games whether they’re from big AAA studios or Nindies. Also, some ideas to bring back some and Nintendo Polish to their eShop.