The team at Q-Games Ltd behind the PixelJunk games has steadily and impressively built the games into a wide array of genres and games but the “Monsters” games are truly the pinnacle of the franchise. Originally on the PS3, the original Monsters games was a charmingly perfect tower defense game for the masses. Anyone could pick it up and understand the mechanics within 5 seconds. They took a formula that Nintendo had been perfecting over decades which involves adapting more mature or complex genres and distilling them to their most basic gameplay for the masses. Much like Pikmin’s take on the Real Time Strategy genre or Splatoon’s take on competitive 3rd person shooters, Monsters is a deceptively simple, yet complex game. It also surprisingly stood as one of the best new couch co-op games in a world that was overrun by online multiplayer.

With all of the great parts of the original Monsters that have been brought over to its sequel, there are some great changes being added as well. The move from a static camera to a moveable camera, albeit with limited scope, does allow you to still see what’s in your relative area but adds a little more difficulty to the series when monsters diverge from the standard path for the level. While the upgraded fidelity isn’t needed, it was a refreshing take on the world although the first person mode does little to add to the gameplay. With all of this considered, Monsters truly felt odd on the PS3 with its focus on things like couch co-op and kid-friendly gameplay. But with PixelJunk’s Monsters 2, the franchise finally feels like its coming home on the Nintendo Switch.