With E3 being just around the corner, it goes without saying that Nintendo is guaranteed to knock all of our socks off with their presentation this year, there are a lot of games to be excited about but one that maybe few are discussing at this point is the Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem title that is said to be in the works. As of now, we know very little about this game but with the biggest convention in gaming happening in just a matter of weeks we will certainly hear more news about Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Switch. What can Fire Emblem Switch have to separate it from the recent releases in the series? What should Nintendo focus on in regard to bringing Fire Emblem to a mainline console again like the Nintendo Switch and how can they learn from previous games in the series? Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Switch could be massive and lead to more Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem games in the future but how? Logan Discusses that and more Today!