Star Fox has been a long-held series of Nintendo dating back since the SNES days and after Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64, it was clear that this franchise was indeed here to stay. Over the Years Star Fox has seen a VERY rocky pattern of releases, the likes of which dividing fan bases and leaving the Star Fox I.P in a very weird space. It has been two years since the underwhelming release of Star Fox Zero on the Nintendo Wii U, a release that had put the series in a very uncertain area. Many doubted the Nintendo Switch would even see a Star Fox release in general but over the last couple of days rumors have been floating around about a NEW Star Fox game on the Nintendo Switch after all but it’s not exactly the game that ANY of us would have expected from such a series, Retro Studios is rumored to be next up in a long line of developers that have had their hands on this series and according to numerous sources, Retro Studios is planning to release a Star Fox racing game titled “Star Fox Grand Prix”. What will Star Fox Grand Prix mean for the entirety of the series? Could the Nintendo Switch see another Star Fox game after Star Fox Grand Prix? Is this the direction that Starfox should go with their games?