Earlier today Nintendo released a statement officially putting to rest the speculation surrounding the likelihood of the Nintendo Switch receiving its version of the Virtual console the likes of which we’ve seen on Nintendo consoles such as Wii, Wii U, and 3ds. The Nintendo Switch has been a console on which many traditions were broken and as of today the Nintendo Switch has done it once again, there will be NO virtual console for the Nintendo Switch at least not as we have come to know it for the past decade. Yesterday Nintendo revealed more details in regards to the Nintendo Switch online service, for one we now know it will be released in September but we also now know that the Nintendo Switch Online service will feature 20 NES games as part of the $20 a year Subscription fee, so while this isn’t Virtual console per se, it is something close, could Nintendo use THIS strategy as a means to gain more Nintendo Switch Online users? Could this strategy work with other consoles in Nintendo’s history? Where else could Nintendo further take Nintendo Switch Online to have it work similarly to Virtual Consoles of old? Logan has some ideas.